Working at VERT Rotors

Engineers at VERT Rotors change the world by developing and building game-changing conical compressors with the best pressure-to-weight ratios. VERT is hiring the most self-motivated, creative and talented engineers who have the courage to come forward with ideas and turn those ideas into real steel.

The culture of VERT Rotors promotes freedom to realise ideas, courage to challenge the established industry rules, quality of proposed solutions and attention to details. People work for VERT Rotors because they want to make an impact by creating a new product rather than modifying a design made by someone else

The job at VERT Rotors is challenging and encouraging because it requires the engineers to be knowledgeable and come up with ideas. Every engineer is expected to validate their designs and/or ideas in practice by building and testing the CRCs.

The engineers at VERT Rotors designed and build models of low-vibration, compact compressors that outperform the established designs in pressure and flow per kilogram weight. Before a new engineer is accepted at VERT, he or she needs to prove one’s professional level by taking one practical technical challenge and solving it. The solution should be a new component or a modified existing part, assembled together, tested and measured to prove its efficacy.




When assessing candidates, VERT evaluates academic level, professional experience, agility, and motivation to solving the most technically challenging tasks, professionalism with CAD or CAM software and in the same time hands-on mechanical skills.

How to apply

To apply for a job at VERT Rotors send (a) your CV and (b) photos of products that you built or that were produced based on your designs to [email protected]. We are looking for:

  • Mechanical Design Engineers: SolidWorks, 5+ years of experience in aerospace, compressors or rotating machinery
  • CAM Programmers / 5-axis CNC operators: experience with SolidCAM, HyperMill, 5-axis CNC machining
  • Refrigeration engineers: 5+ years of experience in designing and testing cryocooling, industrial, transport and/or domestic refrigeration systems