Premiere at DSEI: mini aerospace compressor

DSEI, Air Theatre, Stand N3-463. We will première a 100mm sub-compact / low-vibration (rotary) / oil-free compressor. VERT makes another step in the evolution of the oil-free compressors, with its sub-compact 100mm model made of composites for the aerospace applications.

VERT’s rotary oil-free compressors are based on the principle of conical compression, where pressure progressively increases from suction to discharge. This design demonstrates:

  • very high volumetric efficiency in comparison with twin-screw compressors
  • high compression ratio in comparison with other rotaries in such ultra-compact size
  • VERT’s compressors are made of high-performance composites, which means they are strong and light.

VERT’s conical compressors are designed for applications where grams and millimetres count, and vibration is not acceptable, such as aerospace. Please meet us at:

Where: DSEI, Stand N3-463

When: 15-18 September 2015

Venue: ExCel London

Email [email protected] to schedule a meeting

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