VERT joins NDI UK, a leading supply chain sourcing and development service representing the interests of businesses in the defence, aerospace, space and security sectors. NDI membership is recognised by prime contractors to represent quality supplier capability.

By becoming a member VERT strengthens its position as a supplier of ultra-compact Conical Rotary Compressors for the aerospace and defence applications, and confirms its commitment to solving highly challenging technical needs of the sector.

VERT develops air and refrigeration compressors that offer the highest pressure and flow per kilogram weight in ultra-compact and miniature (“nano”) scales for aerospace and wearable systems. This advantage is enabled by the technology of Conical Rotary Compressors and the use of light but strong industrial polymers. The company produces compressors from non-corrosive low-frequency materials to improve longevity of the compressors. For high-pressure systems VERT uses water injection for cooling, which is a very efficient cooling medium allowing to miniaturise heat exchangers and overall system dimensions even further.