VERT Rotors announces a “nano” rotary compressor

VERT Rotors announces a new design of a nano rotary compressor, that is so tiny so that it would fit onto a 100mm x 100mm PCB.

A new model VERT.04 has very low vibration and low mass, since it is a rotary compressor made from composite polymers, and it would fit the demands of the space industry where grams and millimetres count.

This model of the CRC is designed with cryocoolers in mind. It would be a centre of an active cryocooling system pumping 2-5 litres of fluid per minute with a 3:1 to 12:1 compression ratio. The model VERT.04 demonstrates how the Conical Rotary technology can be successfully applied to solve the problems that did not have a plausible solution before.

A rotary compressor, VERT.04 runs with minimal vibration. It has a “nano” scale, and partly made of polymers to make it lighter. It enables cooling applications of the optical systems in CubeSats and small satellite platforms where low vibration is mission-critical.

Conical Screw Profile

  • Gearing ratio 3:2
  • Max diameter (suction side) 11mm
  • Length 40mm

The picture below shows a relative size of the VERT.04 compressor in a 3U CubeSat:

VERT.04.ROCS with motor