Prof Ian Arbon joins VERT Rotors as Chairman

Prof. Ian Arbon, Immediate Past Chairman of Energy, Environment & Sustainability Group at IMechE, past Managing Director of Caledonian Compressors Ltd and Howden Compressors Ltd, becomes a Non-Executive Director of VERT Rotors, with plans to take to market the innovative conical rotary compressor “CRC” developed by the company.

“The first screw compressors that were imagined by engineers in the 1930-s were conical, because by definition that is a more efficient type of gas compression, but such machines were too complex to produce”, says Ian. “Now at VERT Rotors we are using the proprietary CAD algorithms and the cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities to bring conical machines to life.”

In addition to his role within VERT Rotors, Ian Arbon is very active in other organisations: Past Chairman of Renewable Power Committee, Power Industries Division, Institution of Mechanical Engineers; Chairman of Engineering Forum for Energy (ICE, IMechE, IET, IChemE, CIBSE, EI); Chairman of Energy, Environment & Sustainability Group (EESG) at IMechE; Distinguished Lecturer in “Renewable Energy & Sustainability” and Fellow at American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE); Registered with FEANI as European Engineer (EurIng); Fellow of the Energy Institute; Associate Member of the Institute of Marine Engineers.