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Portable compressor, 20 bar pressure, low noise

VERT.8, full package

VERT.8 is a novel micro low-vibration compressor providing an extraordinary pressure of 20 bar in a single stage. It is very small and weighs only 30 kg. As such, the VERT.8 produces two times higher pressure than the next smallest screw compressor, being three times lighter.

VERT.8.Full package is a “box” that you can plug into the electric socket, push button and get the air flow and pressure for portable applications.

Two versions are available: for 24V DC and 240V AC power.

Continuous working pressure 20 bar(g)
Time at working pressure Unlimited
Gas Air
Air delivery @ working pressure 16 l/min
System power @ working pressure 900W
System weight 30 kg
Dimensions* (W x D x H) 480 x 400 x 420mm
Power 24V DC, 40A or 240V AC
Cooling Oil-injected
Port 8 mm push fit
Why VERT.8?

Traditionally small high-pressure applications were serviced by reciprocating piston compressors. Unfortunately, they produce vibration and noise, which affect everything around and should be avoided. Like other screw compressors, VERT.8 operates with minimal vibration and low noise.

While traditional twin-screw compressors are very large and heavy machines (min weigh 100kg), which produce only 10 bar(g) pressure in a single stage, the VERT.8 generates 20 bar(g) pressure and weighs only 30 kg. VERT.8 provides the highest energy density per kilogram weight and is ideal for ultra-compact high-performance applications.

  • High efficiency, novel conical screw design
  • 660% higher energy density per kilogram mass
  • Pressure of 20 bar(g) in a single stage
  • Minimal vibration