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300 PSI mobile air compressor


300 PSI mobile 12V air compressor

Storm: mobile air, safe and easy

Storm makes high-pressure mobile, safe and easy. Before 300 psi (21 barg) compressors were either big or noisy, or both, and needed a lot of power.

For the first time, air compressor Storm by Vert Rotors provides 300 psi at low noise, taking staff safety to the new level. Quiet operation protects hearing and makes working with compressors safer.

Storm makes high-pressure air truly mobile. It is compact and lightweight (21kg), and only needs 12V car battery to run, which means you can take it hassle-free to a remote site at the back of your vehicle.

  • 300 PSI air pressure with 12V car battery
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Low noise: good for safety
  • Minimal vibration - protect your equipment
  • 1L built-in pressure vessel for immediate air
Working pressure 300 psi(g) / 21 bar(g)
On/off cycle 175 psi(g) ON / 300 psi(g) OFF
Gas Air
Air delivery @ working pressure 16 l/min
Power 12V DC (car battery)
System weight 21 kg (one-man lift)
Dimensions* (W x D x H) 560 x 320 x 310mm
Cooling Oil-injected
Air Out Port 1/4″ Quick release

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