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Portable, quiet, clean air air compressor for CMM and 3D printers

Nautilus A100

Nautilus A100

Portable, quet, clean air compressor for CMM machines and 3D printers

High-precision coordinate-measuring machines (CMM) need clean and quiet compressed air. Contamination of air with particles may lead to failure of air bearings in the probe head, lowered precision, expensive repair, and delay the manufacturing process.

The Nautilus provides Class 1 air, to protect CMM machines from contamination. It is very quiet, and produces virtually no vibration, so that measurements are not affected. The Nautilus is portable (handle and wheels) and can easily be moved to the point of use. It is a plug & play compressor providing quiet compressed air when and where it is needed

Watch video: the Nautilus A100 powering a CMM machine

Key Features

First portable, quet, clean air compressor
  • 7 - 10 bar(g) / 100-145 psi(g)
  • 96 lpm at 7 bar(g)
  • 1-phase mains power
  • Class 1 air filter & regulator
  • Low noise, min vibration
  • Mobile and portable: handle and wheels
Photo: Nautilus A100
Vert Rotors - Nautilus A100 Air Compressor
Photo: conical screw compressor
Vert Rotors Conical Screw

Unique Advantages


3.7x quieter

than industrial piston compressors of similar capacity

100% duty = 2x more air

than "quiet" piston at max 50% duty cycle
Clean Air

Class 1 air filter

Remove harmful particles to protect your assets


Vert Rotors - Nautilus A100 Air Compressor