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300 PSI pressure Plug & Play


300 PSI pressure Plug & Play


Nautilus is the first mobile, plug & play screw compressor. And it’s a super powerful kit that produces 300 PSI using only 1.1 hp power, which is three times higher than run-of-the-mill compressors. Just wheel it around your facility, plug it in the mains power, and bring high-pressure 300 PSI air where you need it, when you need it. That’s it! No more hassle, no need to build expensive airlines!

We all are used to terrible noise of piston compressors, which can be both dangerous and illegal. Here is another good news: Nautilus is a low noise machine, with sound level at 65dB(A). It is good for you and your members of staff!

Two versions are available: 110V and 240V AC power.

  • Up to 300 PSI air pressure where you need it, wnen you need it
  • No expensive airlines
  • Low noise: good for your staff
  • Minimal vibration - protect your equipment
  • Single phase power
Continuous working pressure 300 psi(g) / 21 bar(g)
Time at working pressure Unlimited
Gas Air
Air delivery @ working pressure 16 l/min
System power @ working pressure 1.14 hp / 850W
System weight 24 kg (one-man lift)
Dimensions* (W x D x H) 550 x 320 x 320mm
Power 110V / 240V AC
Cooling Oil-injected
Port 8 mm push fit

Portable Pressure

Compressed air made easy
  • Easy to move: like a rolling luggage
  • No expensive airlines
  • Up to 300 PSI anywhere you want