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Custom design service

Vert Rotors can develop a custom ultra-compact, higher pressure compressor, optimised for your application. Our unique value proposition is small compressors that produce high pressure in a single stage, because our conical technology supports extremely high pressure ratios.

If you need a compressor to be very compact, produce very high pressure, and in the same time run with minimal noise and almost no vibration, we believe we can help. We will work with you very closely to understand your requirements and advise what is possible. We will produce an integrated system including both the compressor element and all auxiliary components: motor, filters, heat exchanger, pressure and temperature sensors, safety valves, and electric controls.

Let us explain how a typical project is organised:

Capturing customer requirements

A project starts with discussing your requirements, such as pressure, flow, size and mass. After that we design a development programme.

Feasibility study

First we do a desk Feasibility study to evaluate if our compressor can meet the specifications, and if matching off-the-shelf components can be sourced from the market, including valves, filters, motors, etc.

Design of Alpha version

If the results of feasibility study are positive, Vert Rotors will develop a full engineering design of the Alpha version, which will be used as a first prototype to validate performance. At the end of this stage, engineers at Vert Rotors will conduct an Engineering Design Review and decide if the compressor is ready for manufacture, and make improvements if any gaps are identified.

TRL5 Alpha version - manufacturing and testing

We manufacture the compressor, source off-the shelf components for the assembly, assemble and test the Alpha-version. The purpose of this testing is to validate if the Alpha-version reaches the required performance. The testing is an R&D process, in which multiple modifications will be made to improve performance. This stage ends with a Design Review meeting to analyse the performance and define improvements for the Beta version.

TRL6 Beta version - manufacturing, testing of performance

Based on findings of design review for the Alpha-version, Vert Rotors will carry out improvements to CAD design, and conduct iterative development work to refine the design towards meeting your requirements.

TRL7-8 Endurance testing

At this stage the Beta version will be tested over longer periods to validate its endurance. Vert Rotors will develop a test programme, starting with shorter intervals, and progressing with longer intervals while analysing the performance and identifying necessary improvements. The end point of this endurance programme is a report and a refined product design.

Why Vert?

What is unique in the compressor technology of Vert Rotors?

Traditionally small high-pressure applications were serviced by reciprocating piston compressors. Unfortunately, they produce vibration and noise, which affect everything around and should be avoided. Like other screw compressors, compressors of Vert Rotors operate with minimal vibration and low noise.

VERT.8 is a good example of the competitive advantage of Vert’s technology: while traditional twin-screw compressors are very large and heavy machines (min weigh 100kg), which produce only 10 bar(g) pressure in a single stage, VERT.8 generates 20 bar(g) pressure and weighs only 30 kg. VERT.8 provides the highest energy density per kilogram weight and is ideal for ultra-compact high-performance applications.

The mission of Vert Rotors is to give our customers the power of higher pressure, and empower them to design products of the future. We will be happy to develop a higher-pressure, compact compressor for you.