VERT releases video footage of the nano compressor VERT.04 generating over 10 bar(g)

VERT.04 is a miniature (“nano”) compressor that weights only 200 grams, with two 40-mm conical rotors inside. The purpose of this experiment was to measure what max pressure can this machine achieve at 2,000 r/min.

VERT.04 compresses air to more than 10 bar(g) with minimal vibration and noise. While such pressures are typical for large industrial twin-screw rotary compressors, they are very high for a miniature rotary compressor

This pressure level is recommended for short blasts rather than continuous operation, because the temperature of air compressed to pretty high without injecting any liquid is extremely hot.

Stay tuned for more news from VERT Rotors: we will soon release more data about flow and pressure of the VERT.04 at different conditions.