Meet us at Conference on Compressors and Their Systems, 7-9 September, London

VERT Rotors will present its miniature “nano” compressor VERT.04.D and show a demonstration of the 3-5kW “Class Zero” oil-free compressor VERT.80.W. It will be our pleasure to speak with current and future customers. Please get in touch at [email protected] to arrange meetings.

We will be presenting a paper on the world smallest screw compressor producing 12 bar in a single stage. Our second premiere is the 3-5kW water-injected compressor that produces 8-10 bar(g) and operates with minimal vibration.

Where: VERT’s stand will be in the hall of the International Conference on Compressors and Their Systems, City University London (link to the event)

When: 7-9 September 2015

Venue: The Mermaid Conference & Events Centre, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, EC4V 3DB, London, United Kingdom

VERT.04.D and VERT.04.H

The screws in the miniature model VERT.04.D are only 40mm long, but they deliver very high compression ratio if needed. “D” stands for dry running, and temperature needs to be kept under control – in continuous operation with air we recommend compression ratio of 1:3. To enable cooling applications the compressor has been packaged into a hermetic assembly VERT.04.H.

We currently prepare this compressor for commercial launch. To place pre-orders please contact [email protected] would be happy to see you at the conference, discuss technical details and potential business opportunities.