Meet us at 12th European Fluid Machinery Congress on 6-7 October 2014, at Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. The congress is held by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. VERT will cover how the Conical Rotary Compressor works, show videos from the tests and share the results of experiments. The presentation will start at 15:35 on the 6th October.

At the Congress, we will explain the difference between the twin-screw and the conical screw compressors. In present time the industry is required to increase energy efficiency of air compressors. Today rotors in all twin-screw compressors have cylindrical geometry, and key areas for efficiency improvements are optimization of clearances of rotors and housing and profiles of the rotors, or reducing the leakage between the housing and rotors through the blowhole.

We have taken a different approach and instead of improving the cylindrical geometry we have designed and produced a machine with conical geometry (titled “Conical Rotary Compressor”, or CRC) that has no blowhole.




twin-screw vs conical profiles 750x500

A prototype model MK4 built by VERT in 2014 was the smallest screw compressor (length 250mm, Max Diameter 80mm) that produced 8 bar(g) pressure at shaft speeds below 1000 r/min.  The flow rate at 3000 r/min was 131 l/min.

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