Compressors Manufacturing Facility Launched in Edinburgh

Manufacturing of the Conical Rotors has always been the most technically challenging task. VERT Rotors launches its manufacturing facility in Edinburgh to meet demand for the miniature conical compressors and develop the technology further.

VERT Rotors installed 5-axis Hurco CNC milling and turning machines at Gracemount, Edinburgh to accelerate time to market. The Hurco 5-axis CNC mill is equipped with the latest-generation WinMax controls that provide an unmatched visibility and control of the milling process. With this machinery the company is capable of producing a range of sub-compact and light-industrial Conical compressors, starting from the “nano” models and up to 10kW.

By opening a high-tech CNC facility in Edinburgh, VERT Rotors has created several “smart manufacturing” jobs dedicated to a novel compressor technology. VERT’s conical compressors provide the highest pressure-to-mass ratio with low vibration, and are designed for aerospace, medical or other demanding applications.

Reliance on top-class CAD and CAM software is another important component of the production process at VERT. The company uses SolidWorks that is an industry-standard for CAD design, and HyperMill software to for offline CAM programming for CNC manufacture.


The VERT Rotors’ engineers are in full control of the development, prototyping and manufacturing steps. Their capabilities include creation of profiles of the conical compressors, no matter how big or small, conversational and offline CAM programming, production and testing.