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Screw compressor 2.0
1/3 mass, 2x pressure
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Career in Innovation

Work at Vert Rotors

Vert’s mission is to accelerate innovation in the world’s industries, by making 2-3x more power available from compressed air, and to make work safer and more comfortable. The key to acheiving this goal is highly powerful and low-noise compressors.

At our Compressor Design Centre and Ultra-precision Factory in Edinburgh, we develop, test and manufacture compressors that produce 200% higher pressure in a single stage than what people though was possible, and solve the problem of noise and vibration.


Our values

We are challengers and innovators, and we do not take “no” for an answer. Our key values are: honesty and integrity, hands-on engineering, passion for precision.

If you feel you share our passion and values and want to join our team, send your CV to [email protected]


Vert’s base is in the capital of Scotland. Over the course of time, Edinburgh was home to many world’s innovations: electromagnetism by James Clark Maxwell, telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, Higgs Boson by Peter Higgs, to name just a few. Edinburgh is not only a landmark of sciende and engineering, it is a great place to live: in 2015, uSwitch ranked Edinburgh 1st in the top 10 places to live in the UK in their study of 138 UK regions. In 2017, Edinburgh was named 2nd in the World for quality of life.