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Screw compressor 2.0
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About Vert Rotors

Vert Rotors produces the world’s smallest, most powerful compact air compressors. Vert’s revolutionary technology helps companies to make the products of tomorrow – from supercars to space exploration and precision industrial equipment.

Vert’s proprietary conical compressor design has reinvented a key component of mass manufacturing, bringing technological advancement not witnessed in the compressors industry for over 30 years.

Business Insider, AFRC
Scotland 2017 Award, British Venture Capital Association

Ultra-precision CNC Facility

Vert’s team produces core components at geometrical tolerances of +/-5 microns. This is achieved with ultra-precise 5-axis CNC milling machines and high-end CAM software. But the true secret is the expertise of our team.

  • For Size comparison, a human red blood cell is about 5 microns across
  • A human hair is about 75 microns across (depending on the person)

Innovative technology

Conical screw compressor is an evolution of the conventional screw compressor. It consists of the Inner screw revolving inside the Outer screw.

Conical compressor does not have clearance between the Male, the Female screws and the Housing, because the Female screw acts like a Housing. This in turn means that the leakage path for the gas is much reduced and even small Conical compressor remain highly efficient.  

This is the key to our innovation: the conical compressor that weight 3 times less than conventional twin-screw compressor produces 2 times higher maximum pressure.


Made in Britain

All Vert’s compressors are fully manufactured and assembled in Britain at our production facility in Edinburgh

Member of NDI

Vert Rotors is a member of NDI, UK supply chain organisation in defence, aerospace, space and security

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