10% Gain in Efficiency thanks to Precision Manufacturing

With a new high accuracy CNC milling process the Conical Rotary Compressors produced by VERT Rotors gained 10% in volumetric efficiency. The milling process is realised with Hurco VMX 30Ti CNC vertical milling centre, in a close cooperation with the engineering team Hurco Europe Ltd.

We manufactured and tested the VERT.80 conical rotors with water injection. A 3kW test rig (as shown on picture) was used. Two versions of the Outer rotor were used, an “old” one and a “new” one machined with the Hurco VMX 30Ti mill.

  • Suction pressure:        1 bara
  • Discharge pressure:    9 bara
  • Motor shaft
  • speed:      2,900 r/min
  • Theoretical flow rate:  232 standard l/min
  • Test Flow rate (old):    200 standard l/min
  • Test Flow rate (new):   220 standard l/min

Thanks to a hands-on support from the application engineers of Hurco Europe we have been able to design a new milling process and fully utilise the capabilities of the latest-generation 5-axis milling centre. No other CNC supplier we contacted was able to machine the deep-grove Outer conical rotors. With this process VERT Rotors employs the cutting-edge milling technology to demonstrate a full potential of the Conical Rotary Compressor



The VERT.80 is the smallest available 3kW water-injected compressor that produces clean air at 8 barg pressure.