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Screw compressor 2.0
1/3 mass, 2x pressure
CNC Manufacturing
Award Winning
Inventor of the Year
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Incredible pressure in a single stage


Lightweight and portable

Low noise, low vibration

Improved customer experience

About Vert Rotors

Vert Rotors introduces screw compressor 2.0: low vibration, compact, incredible pressure up to 20 bar in a single stage.

Ultra powerful and compact air compressors change the world as we know it: now you can get 20 bar (or less) on demand anywhere you want, with low noise and low vibration. Before you had to buy complex, big multi-stage compressors and build pipes around the building, or accept noise and vibration. Vert’s technology changed it.

You can buy Vert’s ultra-powerful micro compressor as a finished product, or order a custom designs for your new revolutionary products

Vert Rotors named one of Top-100 in UK Manufacturing

Market Sectors

Powerful micro compressors are providing highest pressure to enable new high-performance engine applications

Light weight, small size and low vibration of Conical compressors are helping to boost overall energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, vibration and noise

With highest energy density per kg mass at low vibration, Conical compressors are enabling new pneumatic, cooling, and propulsion applications

Higher pressure helps portable pneumatic arms to grip and transport heavier objects. Delivered at the point of use 

Higher pressure helps to get jobs done faster. Portable compressors are ideal for mobile use, and low noise is friendly for urban areas

Compact, low-noise and low vibration source of compressed air to drive CMM and high-accuracy laboratory pneumatic systems

Career at Vert

Career at Vert is a rare opportunity to join a team of technology pioneers, develop a game-changing innovation and make a meaningful impact with your work.


  • This is a superb example of a Scottish manufacturing company at the forefront of micro compressor technology.

    Eleanor Mitchell
    Entrepreneurial Growth and Grant Management Director at Scottish Enterprise
  • Vert Rotors’ compressors are at the forefront of innovation in engineering and physics and I’m delighted that they decided to establish their manufacturing base in Edinburgh

    Joanna Cherry, QC
    Edinburgh South West MP
  • The HSC-20 linear 2nd generation CNC machine, is the most precise 5-Axis machine in Scotland, and the first such machine in the UK. This is the machine you must have to achieve tight tolerances and the best surface finish possible

    David Bryden
    DMG-Mori Scotland