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Vert supplies revolutionary micro screw compressors for cutting-edge applications

High pressure | Low noise & vibration

Micro-screw compressor

Portable pressure of up to 300 psi in a single stage

Vert supplies highly powerful, efficient and quiet compressors capable of reaching an incredible pressure of 300 psi in a single stage. All combined in a lightweight compact package that produces virtually no vibration. 

  • Incredible pressure of up to 300 psi in a single stage
  • Compact and mobile
  • 3.7 times lower noise
  • 95% lower vibration
  • 100% duty cycle

To enable highly sensitive machines such as 3D printers and CMMs, Vert supplies a 100 lpm compressor the Nautilus A100 that produces no vibration, low noise, and clean air with an integrated Class 1 filter

Watch video: the Nautilus A100 powering a CMM machine

EU patents 3108142, 3005308; US patents 9776739, 9959684

Unique Advantages


3.7x quieter

than industrial piston compressors of similar capacity

100% duty = 2x more air

than "quiet" piston at max 50% duty cycle
Clean Air

Class 1 air filter

Remove harmful particles to protect your assets
  • Traditional compressors make a deafening noise. The Nautilus is 3.7 times quieter, and produces 83% lower vibration: beneficial for sensitive applications (CMM machines, 3D printers)
  • So-called "quiet piston" compressors typically work for only 50% of the time, due to overheating. The Nautilus has an integrated air-oil active cooler, and it runs non-stop 100% of the time producing 2 times more air
  • Dirt and particles can damage precision equipment, the air supply must be protected from contamination. The Nautilus A100 comes with an integrated Class 1 air filter to protect highly valuable equipment


Vert Rotors - Nautilus A100 Air Compressor

Nautilus A100

Quiet air compressor for CMM machines and 3D printers
  • 7 - 10 bar(g) / 100-145 psi(g)
  • 96 lpm at 7 bar(g)
  • 1-phase mains power
  • Class 1 air filter & regulator
Vert Rotors - Nautilus X16 Air Compressor
Quiet 300 psi / 20 bar air compressor for laboratories
  • 12-21 bar(g) / 170-300 psi(g)
  • 16 lpm at 21 bar(g)
  • 1-phase mains power
  • 100% duty cycle
Vert Rotors -Vert.8
Quiet automotive mobile 300 psi screw compressor, 12V car battery
  • 12-21 bar(g) / 170-300 psi(g)
  • 16 lpm at 21 bar(g)
  • 12V car battery
  • 100% duty cycle
Vert Rotors - Storm A100 Air Compressor

Coming soon: Storm A100

Ultra-light, quiet air compressor for mobile servicing
  • 7-10 bar(g) / 100-145 psi(g)
  • 96 lpm at 7 bar(g)
  • 1-phase mains power
  • Light and portable

Case studies

CMM Machine

CMM machine

The need for clean, vibration-free compressed air

High-precision coordinate-measuring machines (CMM) need clean compressed air, Class 4 purity or better, preferably Class 1. Contamination of air with particles may lead to failure of air bearings in the probe head, lowered precision, expensive repair, and delay the manufacturing process.

Typically, the factory does not guarantee high air purity. Building airlines with filters and dryers may be very expensive. In this case choosing a point-of-use air compressor may be a simpler and cheaper alternative. The piston compressor is not advisable due to the high level of vibrations, which is bad for CMM precision. A rotary compressor, with a Class 1 filter is a preferred solution because it helps to prevent expensive repair and down-time.

Sterile environments
Enabling 3D printing in quiet, urban facilities

High-value metal 3D printers are often used in engineering design houses, hospitals, laboratories, etc. Such facilities may not have a central supply of compressed air, or 3-phase power. For 3D printers, which require compressed air, a point-of-use air compressor is a preferred option. Such compressor should be very quiet, run from 1-phase mains power, and provide Class 1 air quality, to protect the 3D printer from contamination.

While piston compressors may look like a cheaper option, they produce significant vibration and high level of noise, which means that under the H&S law they may only be used for a short time. “Quiet” compressors typically operate at 50% duty cycle, such as 15 min on / 15 min off, and therefore may interrupt the work of the 3D printer.

An innovative compressor design to improve infrared imaging performance
Significantly improve quality and resolution of infrared imaging in satellites

As an example application of their highly efficient, unique and versatile conical rotary compressor design, Edinburgh-based Vert Rotors received Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) funding to develop a prototype system that could significantly improve the quality and resolution of infrared imaging in small surveillance satellites.

In small imaging systems vibration isn’t desirable, but it is an inherent feature of current, state-of-the-art cryocoolers based on piston compressors. Vert Rotor’s miniature low-vibration cooling system design is based on their conical rotary compressor technology developed to cool infrared image sensors on small satellites with very little vibration, thus eliminating this problem.

Vert Rotors has already started another project to upgrade their rotary cryocooling system for space simulation testing. In the future this could offer a step-change innovation for a future British space-surveillance capability.

Vert Rotors wins Innovator of the Year and Made in Scotland Awards


Silent compressor the Nautilus A100 from DVD2018

Silent air compressor is the centre of attention at DVD 2018

The Nautilus A100, the silent air compressor, was the centre of attention at DVD 2018. Vert was proud to be invited by UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) to showcase its innovative air compressor at their stand at DVD 2018...
Training 2000 - The Advanced machining Workshop

Join Vert at the Advanced Machining Workshop

The Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Centre (AMAC) at Training 2000 is pleased to be hosting Quickgrind and Schunk in delivering an advanced machining workshop. Vert will present the Nautilus A100, a new generation quiet micro-screw compressor for CMM’s, CNC’s and other manufacturing machinery, with...

Vert shortlisted for The Manufacturer MX Award

9 August 2018 – Vert Rotors, a UK innovative manufacturer of new-generation air compressors, was shortlisted by The Manufacturer for the prestigious MX Awards 2018 in the “Leadership and Strategy” category. The Manufacturer MX Awards marks the best of UK...


Made in Scotland Awards
Business Insider, AFRC
Made in Scotland Awards
Made in Scotland Award
Venture-backed MTA Trophy 2017 Scotland
British Venture Capital Association

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